Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind the success of Cashinvoice. Our dedicated team of experts from various fields always strives to help our clients meet their goals by offering accessible finance options

Life @ Cashinvoice

Here’s what the team do

Customer Success Team

Our dedicated customer success team is committed to enhancing the customer experience across all our products. They focus on cultivating strong client relationships to foster brand loyalty. Using their expertise, our customer success team goes above and beyond to provide exceptional support and drive customer satisfaction.

Technology Team

With their expertise, our technology team strives to deliver reliable and cutting-edge solutions, enabling us to stay at the forefront of innovation and meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our team continuously researches and upgrades our technologies to enhance our services for stakeholders. They primarily ensure the seamless operation of all our digital products. And diligently confirm the smooth functionality of our software, promptly resolving any technical issues that may impact the customer experience.

Client Coverage Team

Our client coverage team is a vital link between our technology team and clients. Their key responsibilities include comprehending client requirements, facilitating their understanding of our products and services, guiding them throughout their user journey, and promptly addressing any support-related issues that may arise. Our client coverage team dedicates itself to building strong relationships, providing guidance, and offering quality assistance to meet unique client needs.

Ecosystem Team

Our Ecosystem Coverage Team aptly manages the inter-client relationships within the supply chain industry. They dedicatedly ensure the capital requirements of the anchor ecosystem get fulfilled promptly & adequately. They are also responsible for every ecosystem participant's smooth onboarding and maintaining their relationships regularly.