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Channel Financing in Mobile Technology Sector

Enable seamless access to working capital for all partners in the system, empowering their financial capabilities.

Supercharge business growth with channel financing.

It accelerates the cash flow for businesses and offers credit flexibility to distributors, partners, and retailers.


A prominent technology company, operating with a multi-tier distribution network, encountered difficulties in addressing the diverse needs of each level within their distribution channels. These encompassed retailers procuring from distributors, and distributors in turn purchasing from the anchor company. The situation was exacerbated by fierce competition for market share and limited available working capital among retailers

Furthermore, the absence of financing alternatives for the last mile retailers added to the challenges faced by the company.


The company sought a solution capable of addressing the intricate layers of its distribution network, involving retailers purchasing from distributors and distributors sourcing from the anchor. Intense competition for market share presented significant challenges, particularly among retailers.

Compounding the situation, there was a notable absence of viable financing options tailored to meet the unique needs of last-mile retailers in the distribution network.


The approach centred around introducing TradEasy, an exclusive program designed to transform financing within the distribution chain. It permitted the utilization of working capital support for purposes beyond inventory procurement, providing effective financial solutions for retailers and distributors. The program offered a cost-effective financing option compared to other unsecured lending solutions, enhancing its attractiveness.

Beyond financial data, assessing eligibility based on trade repayment behaviour and past transactions, ensuring comprehensive evaluation. Data-driven underwriting and a digitized onboarding process were implemented, facilitating online documentation pre and post sanction while minimizing fund diversion between tiers.


Cashinvoice brings in the best features and functionalities for its entire ecosystem. If you are a part of this system, your financial thriving is our guarantee*
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Cashinvoice brings in the best features and functionalities for its entire ecosystem. If you are a part of this system, your financial thriving is our guarantee*
However, there are several challenges that suppliers may face when seeking PO financing in the FMCG industry. Some of these challenges include of these challenges include..
  • Market share increased significantly, particularly in multiband outlets, as a result of enhanced working capital support for last-mile retailers.
  • TradEasy provided a reliable funding source to navigate seasonal fluctuations and effectively manage new product launches within the distribution network.
  • The marketplace approach cultivated healthy competition among financiers, leading to cost-efficient funding options.
  • Digitization and data-driven processes streamlined operations, making onboarding and financing more efficient.